Safety Measures during COVID times

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday 30th. It is exciting to be holding one of the first local public events since the COVID pandemic started. Since there will be a large gathering of people attending, we ask you to read and follow the guidance below. Your safety matters to us and we all have a responsibility to look after each other. 


COVID Symptoms and safety precautions 

Please follow Government COVID Guidelines whilst at the event.  For the safety of others, we ask you to avoid coming to the event if you or a family member has COVID symptoms or are in a period of self-isolating. 

You will see an NHS QR CODE at our entrance to use.

Please use the sanitizing equipment if using the Village Toilets. 


Crowds and congestion

We will ask that you respect others distance and maintain a 1 metre apart rule on the field, especially in queues.

To avoid unnecessary congestion, try to avoid turning up in the last 15 minutes before the start of the fireworks. We will also ask you to stagger your exit from the field after the fireworks.

Listen out for regular Safety Messages over the loudspeaker.

First aiders will be on site should you need medical help. They will be walking around the event and at the pavilion. You can also approach any of the stewards in High Vis for assistance.

There is limited space in the village and surrounding area so we encourage everyone to leave their cars at home. If you do have to use a car please park responsibly in the village.

Thank you for your consideration of all this and we hope you enjoy the evening.

Safety Instructions

DO NOT bring sparklers or fireworks

DO NOT go beyond the rope barriers 

DO NOT bring pets

FOLLOW ALL instructions given by stewards

Major Incident Evacuation Procedure

In the event that it is necessary to evacuate the Cricket Ground:

  1. Do not panic
  2. Leave the Cricket Ground by the two lower gates and the upper emergency exit if asked to do so by stewards
  3. Proceed across the high street to the recreation ground
  4. Follow all instructions given by stewards.


A big thank you to Tech Medical Services who are supplying medical cover for our event.


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